While few freshmen play varsity basketball at the high school level and even fewer excel there, Davion Thompson is doing just that. While he is just a few games into his high school career, the 6’3” guard is doing just that at Bolingbrook High School (IL). 

Through the first five game of high school career, Thompson is currently averaging 16 points and 3 rebounds per game to have Bolingbrook sitting at a 4-1 record. When asked about the differences in play about moving up to the high school’s level, he mentioned two aspects of play. “Everyone is faster, and the players are a lot more physical,” Thompson said about the differences. 

 “I am an all-around player,” the freshmen guard said about describing his own game. “I can score at will and get my teammates involved.” At a young age, Thompson already has a very advanced skill set with good feel as well. He plays well both on or off the ball and has already shown the ability to be a true three-level scorer. There are few players who enter high school with all the tools that Thompson does. 

With all the abilities of Thompson, he is already appearing on the radars of plenty of college coaches nationwide. Even before starting his high school career, he had already received four scholarship offers including ones from Big 10 and Pac 12 programs. The offers are from Bryant, Eastern Illinois, Illinois, and Washington.