The Curie Condors faced off against the host Vashon Wolverines in the marquee game of the Vashon Bragging Rights Shootout. Curie is sort of a big deal in Chicago. Like the Wolverines of St. Louis, it’s been quite some time since either has lost to a local opponent. Their success set the stage for Chicago Curie to take on St. Louis Vashon in a bragging rights match. 

Vashon would take an early 7-0 lead in the contest, but through the heroic efforts of Curie Guard Ramean Hinton, the Condors would trim the margin and the two would exchange leads multiple times before Curie would be declared a 64-58 win over Vashon. Here's a quick look at some of the top performers...

2020 Ramean Hinton Curie 
Hinton appeared unstoppable during scoring runs in the first and fourth quarters. After the Condors fell behind early in the first, Hinton caught fire. The senior guard scored 13 points in the first quarter including three 3 pointers. The wing scored on back to back baskets from distance and was also successful on the drive. Hinton led all scorers with 27 points and six rebounds. 

2020 Phil Russell Vashon
The senior guard did a good job of getting the Wolverines out in transition early. Russell found open teammates ahead and near the rim for easy layups in early offense. On the drive Russell showed some fancy evasive moves to elude defenders and kick out to shooters. He was also able to create his own scoring opportunities off the bounce. Phil finished with 18 points and four assists. 

2021 Nick Kern Vashon
Kern was another player that found success during the first half of the game. Kern scored all but two of his 14 points during the first half. He also snatched in seven rebounds. Kern is relentless on the boards. The junior also does a good job of reading the defense in transition and getting separation to make himself and easy target for his teammates. His work in the lane forced the Condors to devote attention to keeping Kern in sight and off the glass. 

2020 Elijah Pickens Curie
Pickens spent most of the game breaking down his defender off the dribble and handing out dimes. During the third quarter, he let go from three finding his mark on two. He also kept the defense busy attacking the basket and earning a few trips to the charity stripe. Pickens scored all of his twelve points in the third quarter and added four assists. 

2020 Kobe Clark Vashon
The junior scored 15 points, ten rebounds and handed out four assists. Clark’s versatility was on full display. The 6-6 forward was used at the top of Vashon’s 1-2-2 offense where his length, active hands forced the Condors into repeated first half turnovers. Curie would need to call a timeout to settle down the team and make an adjustment. However, Vashon switched to man-to-man defense out of the huddle and Kobe immediately scored on a steal on the very first play. He would continue to make notable defensive plays throughout the game.