Bryce Hopkins has been insanely good for the Friars this season, he has gone up against top talent time and again and is starting to earn a ton of respect nationally. Hopkins is a major mismatch for most players that want to guard him and not many do. We talked to Hopkins who updated us on his season…

JO - How is your junior season going?
BH - “My junior season has been going pretty well, we have been winning a lot of games and I feel very comfortable with our team when it comes playoff time. We have a couple things that need to be fixed up but we will have it all figured out by the time the playoffs start!”

JO - What do you think is the limit for your Fenwick team?
BH - “Like I said before I feel very comfortable with my team! We are a young team with a lot of talent! Currently we are 18-4 so I think that speaks for itself especially when a majority of our players are sophomores, a couple juniors, and a couple seniors with two of them being hurt.”

JO - What have you done in order to improve your game?
BH - “I’ve been trying to improve on my defense because that’s going to be big at the next level and on top of that I’m trying to make sure that my shot becomes more consistent!”

JO - Louisville is currently on a roll in the ACC. What kind of player do they expect you to be for them?
BH – “They told me that I would be kind of like a Jordan Nwora kind of player when I get on campus. I also like their style of play, the coaches seem to let them play their game which is a big plus for me!”