For years St Cloud Apollo observers have been saying to anybody that would listen, our 2020 group is special. Well, 2019-20 is here and Apollo is 11-1, only loss coming at the hands of Delano. In a game versus Cambridge, Apollo out together a 44-3 run in the second half of a game they trailed 55-27 at half.

Since Michael Gravelle was a freshman at St Cloud Apollo he's been in the mix of playing Varsity. Even started multiple games that year. As a sophomore, he became the starting point guard permanently. The point guard is like the quarterback in football, the default leader.

Three years later, the 2020 Senior is now a captain, and no longer default leader of the St Cloud Apollo Eagles. The Eagles are 11-1, Gravelle is second on the team in scoring at 17.6 points per and shooting 46.8% from field and 38.3% from 3. 

Scoring isn't the only place he leads the team. Hudl stats say he's averaging 4.3 assists, I've counted more in game highlights, and averages 2 steals a game with 1.6 deflections on an Apollo team that can harass teams into turnovers.

Q: Now in your Senior Year you're the unmatched leader of the team at Apollo. But previous year's, going back to sophomore year, you've been the starting point guard. Do you feel any difference this year over those previous years?

A: I’m a captain. This year is about me leading by example. We have a lot of Senior's, and a lot of talent at every spot. We just have to completely buy in to what Coach is saying, and each other. I’m the leader so that starts with me.

Q: 6-0, you guys seemed to all buying in. The Cambridge game, 44-3 run, what was that like playing in it?
A: It was a game to remember. Nobody knew we could do what we did that game. It was fun, and a good experience.

We came out struggling but that second half showed everybody we’re that good.

Q: Do you think you guys are playing with the "chip on your shoulder" and really trying to show people you guys are for real?
A: We can be great. We have a chance to be one of the best at Apollo history. We just got stay focused in school and just keep grinding. 

Q: Last year I noticed a great improvement from you on free throws. So far this year what do you think you've improved from last year?
A: I think I’ve been shooting the ball well this year. My shooting is the main thing that improved. 

Q: Any interest or offers to share? 
A: Not yet. I’m looking forward for some at the end of the season.