This season at Big Lake the entire coaching staff changed over. Lots of Senior's moved on. A 2021 six foot three inch forward who averaged 19 and 9 on JV as a Sophomore is ready to go for 2019-20. Wyatt Windhorst is scoring 16 points per game and leading the younger Big Lake team forward. Working hard in the summer to elevate his game to increase his vertical and smooth out his shot. 

Q: How's the season going so far?
A: The season has been going good we have a totally new squad and new coaching staff this year so we aren’t winning too many games, but we are starting to improve.

Personally, I feel like I’ve been playing well the whole season. Right now I’m averaging 16.2 points per game and I’ve had three 20+ point games in 10 games played so far. I am averaging about 9-10 rebounds per game. I am also averaging a good amount of steals and assists this season.

I feel like my all-around basketball play has been improving this year. My ball-handling drills from the AAU season has been helpful as I break the press and bring the ball up the court every game. I worked on strengthening my legs a lot in the off season; my speed and vertical jump have improved a lot over the last year. All in all I am happy with my performance and I am having a lot of fun playing basketball. I am hoping that my team continues to improve to be ready for the playoffs later in the season.

Q: You guys lost a few Senior's, do you feel you and other juniors are leaders this year?
A: I consider myself the leader of this team, because I give it my all every game, and my stats show it. I lead by example, by being the catalyst on the floor.

Q: You guys got a new coach this year, how's he's different from the previous coaching staff?
A: Our coach this year puts more conditioning into our practices which I think is great because then we don’t get out of shape in the season. Also we our whole entire offense and defense is different from last year. This year we are more of a running team and last year we were more of a half-court team. If we don’t have a fast break we usually do a 4 around 1 offense. Last year it was more packed in the lane, because we had more size.