The annual NY2LA Basketball Association has continued to see talented prospects blossom on the hardwood and garner both offers and accolades with each passing year and this spring has been no exception.  As we close with the final day of May today we take a look quickly at some of the top performers from this past spring.  So with that being stated here’s the NY2LA Basketball Association All-First Team performers from this past April…

(Note – Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Wendell Green Jr. – 2020 – PG – Michigan Playmakers

An excellent young guard with talent, grit, toughness, skill, etc. Green was one of the most dominant talents in the 17U division despite only being a sophomore.  He handles the ball well, can score at multiple levels, he defends, etc.  Was among the league leaders in Floor Impact at 25.38 FIPG, scoring at 18.5 PPG, and steals over 2 steals per game.  This young man can play and pound for pound he’s one of the best in the 2020 class in the Midwest and his play helped his team to a 6-2 mark during circuit play this spring.

Donyae McCaskill – 2019 – G/F – Yanders Law
An explosive slashing and athletic wing, McCaskill is a fill the box score type who was among the league leaders in Floor Impact at 22.67 FIPG, scoring at close to 16 PPG, etc.  He is a highlight waiting to happen and his athleticism makes him an intriguing prospect whose best basketball is in front of him.  

Legend Stamps – 2019 – PF – Inland Empire
One of the most improved prospects on the circuit, Stamps made his presence felt consistently throughout the spring as he was solid across the board in terms of his production and consistency.  Equipped with size, length, and skill, Stamps was among the league leaders in Floor Impact at 21.71 FIPG, Matrix at 8 MPG, rebounding at 7.43 RPG, etc. while scoring close to 12 points a contest.  A legitimate Division 1 prospect, Stamps is just getting started and if this spring is any indication you can expect him to deliver a strong month of July.  

Jalen Williams – 2019 – G – Blue Chip Nation
An electric scoring talent who can do a little bit of everything, Williams was exceptional at times this past spring as he helped guide his team to a stellar 8-0 mark in circuit play this past April.  Equipped with size, length, athleticism, skill, and instincts, Williams is a potential steal on the West Coast and his play proved that as he was among the league leaders in Floor Impact at 21.88 FIPG, Efficiency at 8.88 EPG, Scoring at close 16 PPG, Assists at close to 3 APG, etc.  This young man is a legit Division 1 talent with the potential to add mid and perhaps even a high major offer with continued stellar play in July.

Landen Wolfe – 2019 – G/F – Illinois Irish Elite
The value of toughness and intangibles can never be underestimated and Wolfe brought all of that and more this past spring.  Equipped with a strong 6-5 frame, Wolfe was a dominant rock in helping his team to a solid 5-3 mark on the circuit this past spring.  In the process Wolfe led the league in Matrix at 10.38 MPG and rebounding at 9.63 RPG, and he was among the league leaders in Floor Impact at 22.25 FIPG, Efficiency at 9.25 EPG, etc.  

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