The annual NY2LA Sports Next Level Invitational tips again this week and once again the NCAA Certified platform will offer up the NY2LA Basketball Association Championships along with an open division format.  The championships will again be decided the first three days and the 16U division has a number of talented prospects to keep track of during that time.  Here’s a look at a few to watch closely this week…

Note – This is not an exclusive list

Tanner Baird – 2019 – G – Colorado Titans 
Baird been known to put on a show offensively and make big plays down the stretch. Baird seems to have a knack for playing his best when he’s most needed. A prospect that almost welcomes the pressure and tough defense, Baird was a pleasant surprise last summer that should continue to build off that momentum. 

Harlond Beverly – 2019 – SG – REACH Legends 
Standing at 6-foot-4, Beverly is a long lean wing with athleticism, quickness, and skill. The gifted sophomore has an advanced skill set that he utilizes to finish at all three levels while doing so in a smooth and easy fashion. He can spot up in transition or half court sets, he has solid slashing ability to score in transition and off the bounce, or if needed he can take smaller guards to the blocks where he can finish over them or around them on occasion. Equipped with an ability to rip the nets from the perimeter in bunches at his best, the versatile scoring package of Beverly is bolstered by his ability to elevate on the approach and run the floor. 

Deandre Carter – 2019 – PG – Grand Rapids Storm 

Carter played some strong stretches of basketball in the spring and abused defenders 1-on-1. An excellent mid-range shooter, Carter creates his own shot with ease. He’s very quick on the ball and created a lot of separation against some very talented defenders. Carter also looked to constantly push in transition and just blows by people up the floor to get to the rim. Carter impressed with his ability to play fast, but still be under control and run the show offensively when quick points aren’t available. 

D.J. Carton – 2019 – PG – Quad City Elite 
Carton had a big June and picked up a few high major offers. A quality floor general with some surprising athleticism, Carton hits a lot of check marks in what you want in a point guard. The straw that stirs the drink, almost everything runs through the 6-foot-1 sophomore and he knows exactly when to take over offensively or create for his teammates. A terrific 3-point marksman who can score on or off the ball, slasher, and mid-range shooter, Carton is blossoming into a talented offensive player. 

Owen Coburn – 2019 – C – Martin Bros. 
A developing interior prospect with solid instincts and feel, Coburn solid length, size, and untapped potential. He can finish with either hand around the basket and has the ability to step out to 12-15 feet on occasion as well. Defensively, Coburn alters shots and as he continues to develop his physical tools and lower half agility and explosion he could become a dominant force defensively. Still raw many areas, that doesn’t stop Coburn from being active on both ends of the floor. He recently committed to South Dakota State.

Collin Dietz – 2019 – SF – Illinois Irish Elite 
It’s hard to put labels on Dietz. All we know is that he produces and wins. Dietz came up as more of a glue guy, but he seems to be finding himself offensively. At 6-foot-6, Dietz could develop into a stretch swingman, but he’s also got some tools with the ball in his hands. The other parts of his game haven’t vanished either. He’s still a hustle player that gives his all on the glass and gets after it defensively. Dietz may just end up being a player you don’t know where you want to put him at the next level, you just know you want him.

Marcus Domask – 2019 – SF – Ray Allen Select 
A highly skilled wing in the 2019 class, Domask is one of the highest-IQ players out there. The 6-foot-5 sophomore has an array of tools, particularly on the block. Domask makes defenders very uncomfortable with his ability to post and invert himself in the offense. A deadly 3-point shooter, Domask is an accurate catch and shoot player. Domask has also worked hard on his mid-range game and ability to score off the bounce, developing into a three-level scorer. Green Bay has offered early while a mixture of high and mid-major programs are evaluating Domask. 

Justin Eagins – 2019 – SG – Kessel Heat Black 
Eagins continues to boost his stock. A terrific isolation scorer, Eagins will go 1-on-1 and just challenge defenders to stop him. Eagins can hit some tough, off-balance shots from way downtown. He’s about 6-foot-1, but plays longer and bigger. Eagins ability to create his own shot and leave defenders in the dust was noticeable this spring. A prospect that doesn’t back down from a challenge and seems to get raise his game when needed, Eagins is a sleeper more schools should know about.

Semaj Henderson – 2019 – SG – Chicago Lockdown 
An all-around playmaker, Henderson sparks his team throughout a game. The lefty has plenty of speed with the basketball and is extremely confident when he takes things to the rim. While he’s very quick, Henderson still plays under control and knows when to look for his own offense or distribute to his teammates. Henderson’s drive and dish ability or willingness to constantly attack the rim creates a lot of offense for his team. 

Cole Nau – 2019 – PG – Ray Allen Select 
A true floor general that’s a strong ball handler and creator, Nau is a fighter with a strong will to win. Nau has an understanding of the game and a level of unselfishness to his play that make him an excellent teammate and one that will generally make the right decisions with the basketball. A speedy, crafty guard, Nau creates a lot offensively just by weaving around and getting defenders out of position. Always playing within the flow of the offense, Nau sticks to his strengths and doesn’t try and do too much. 

Baden Noennig – 2019 – F – Minnesota Comets 
We like the athleticism and versatility of Noennig. The 6-foot-6 forward isn’t afraid to challenge people at the rim and throw down in traffic. Noennig can pull opposing bigs out of the paint and is more than quick enough to take them off the dribble. Noennig also has patience and skill on the block. He runs the floor very well and makes himself available in transition. 

Carrington McCaskill – 2019 – F – R.E.A.C.H. Legends 
A high motor active and athletic talent, McCaskill powers the ball through the rim in transition and around the basket. He can fill the box score, collect rebounds, and finish from each level while contributing a max effort performance to the game with consistency. An exciting and talented prospect to keep track of this spring. 

Donyae McCaskill – 2019 – G – Yanders Law 
McCaskill is really tough to stop offensively. A lengthy, 5-foot-11 shooting guard, McCaskill has some good athleticism which he uses to hang in the air and convert some acrobatic finishes. Even with the defense giving him a step or two, McCaskill is still quick enough to get by and goes a good job of playing angles when he puts the ball on the deck. McCaskill will constantly attack and dares the defense to get in his way and stop him. 

Jackson Molstead – 2019 – PG – Martin Bros. 
The speed and the mid-range game of Molstead really sets him apart from other point guards. Molstead has great handles and has the ball on a string. His pull-up jumper is lighting quick and defenders often can’t react fast enough to get an adequate challenge. A lights out shooter, Molstead drains shots from mid and 3-point range. Also a terrific drive and dish point guard, Molstead does a good job of drawing defenders and dropping off passes to his bigs. When Molstead has the ball in his hands, you feel pretty good about your chances of getting at least two points.

Donovan Moore – 2019 – PG – Illinois Irish 
One of the biggest stock risers in the Midwest, Moore has shown he’s worthy of some hype this spring. A 6-foot-3 guard with good length and strength for the position, Moore makes a lot of big plays. Moore does a lot of things well offensively. He’s a threat to attack the rim and has some surprising explosiveness. Moore also rarely settles offensively, looking to get the best shot. But when he does need to take a jumper, Moore showed the defense has to respect him as a catch and shoot guard or an off the dribble scorer. A couple of Division 1 programs have already offered.

Matthew Ragsdale – 2019 – SG – The Force 
Ragsdale put up some eye-popping performances in the spring. He created his own shot at a high level and was able to score when smothered by defenders using a soft touch around the rim. When he’s feeling it, Ragsdale simply takes out his do-it-yourself kit with a mentality of ‘give me the ball and get out of the way.’ Ragsdale can torch teams from 3-point range and also makes special plays in transition with his ability to adjust in mid-air and kiss shots off the glass from tough angles. 

Zach Toussaint – 2019 – G – Kessel Heat 
A high-scoring guard, who can flat out catch fire from three-point range, Toussaint has been known to be a deadly sharpshooter. He’ll take a number of shots from downtown, but Toussaint will also produce. Coming up through the GNBA circuit, Toussaint would drill as many as eight triples a game. A high-IQ shooter that takes advantage of what the defense gives him, Toussaint displayed unlimited range and the ability to hit tough, contested shots in the spring. 

Aidan Vanderloo – 2019 – G – Martin Bros. 
Vanderloo is a dynamic, crafty guard. He does a great job of creating offense for himself and others. With the potential to light it up from downtown, Vanderloo can score off the bounce or free himself through screens off the ball. Vanderloo can change it up, penetrating into the teeth of the defense and drop the ball off to teammates. A great decision maker, Vanderloo is solid when maneuvering around traffic and always seems to set his teammates up for success. 

Andre White Jr. – 2019 – PG – All In Future Elite 
A savvy instinctive floor general who handles the ball well, delivers timely passes, and can score from beyond the arc and at the mid-range level. White is active defensively and his dribble penetration, vision, and ability to distribute or finish every time down the floor makes him a matchup problem for most teams. Another quality prospect to keep tabs on this spring, White started reeling in Division 1 offers after his play in the NY2LA Association.