The Midwest has seen a boom so to speak in terms of Division 1 talent over the past 10 years as #1 national prospects and low, mid, and high major prospects have made their presence felt regionally and nationally.  While Illinois has been the central figure consistently in the mix, the development of prospects in states like Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin has been equally critical to that Midwest elevation that historically has been more lopsided towards Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.  It looks like it should continue as those states on the western cusp of the Midwest continue to show promise up and down the ranks at various levels with young prospects both known and “unkown” so to speak.  The Badger state is front and center with that and a trio of 2019 prospects are quietly coming along much like a group from a few years ago did.

A couple years back the RAS Milwaukee program featured a trio of guards in Riley LaChance, Brady Ellingson, and Reed Timmer.  While Timmer generally handled the floor general responsibilities and was the unsung hero in that group, LaChance and Ellingson were lights out sharpshooters who improved year after year while eventually finding themselves front and center on the recruiting boards of mid and high major coaches.  Timmer headed to Drake, Ellingson to Iowa, and LaChance went to Vanderbilt.  A similar script is being written in the 2019 class with the RAS Milwaukee program as Cole Nau, Tyler Ellingson, and Marcus Domask are quietly following their predecessors lead.

Where LaChance was the biggest name on the former RAS Milwaukee group referenced, Domask has taken the “alpha” spot for this one so to speak with excellent play during the high school season and this past spring and summer.  An advanced skilled wing with the ability to score from all three levels, Domask helped guide his Waupun High School team to a state championship during his freshman year and he’s given no indication he plans on letting up after he helped power the RAS Milwaukee team to the 15U championship in the NY2LA Basketball Association this past spring and summer.  Equipped with a solid 6-5 plus near 200 pound frame, Domask has an excellent feel for the game and solid instincts that he pairs with advanced skill to form a high talented scoring wing that can take over the game in a variety of ways.  Schools like Wisconsin, Marquette, Drake, UW-Green Bay, UW-Milwaukee, and North Dakota State have already started to take an early interest in Domask who looks the part of another mid to high major prospect on the rise in Wisconsin.

While Domask tends to lead the charge for this up and coming group the straw that stirs the drink for this mix is 2019 PG Cole Nau of Brookfield Central.  A 6-2 plus length floor general who can play either guard spot, Nau’s highest ceiling is a the lead guard position where he delivers timely passes, makes quality decisions, and has the ability to rip the nets with a textbook perimeter stroke from the mid-range level and beyond the arc.  Still developing physically in terms of strength and explosion, Nau is an unselfish talent to a fault sometimes whose primary focus with the ball in his hands is to generate easy opportunities for his teammates and help them win.  Make no mistake his perimeter jumper is lethal at times so despite his unselfish and team first disposition, Nau will make you pay consistently when left open with a jump shot that’s pure.  Already generating some early interest from UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay, and Drake, Nau’s best basketball lies ahead and much like Timmer, LaChance and Ellingson before him, Nau will be late blooming talent that mid and possible high major programs will be posturing for in the coming years if he continues to develop both physically and skill wise.

Speaking of Ellingson, Brady isn’t the only one in the family who can play and while the current Iowa Hawkeye is the one everyone knows, the potential of his younger brother Tyler of Sussex Hamilton is very intriguing to say the least.  A plus length 6-3 plus long wiry sharpshooting wing, Tyler currently does not have a “big name” so to speak on the hardwood yet in comparison to Domask or Nau but that is due more to the fact that he hasn’t played as much rather than his ability.  Now looking fully healthy and ready to go after the past couple of years, Tyler is as gifted a perimeter shooter as his older brother was at the same stage and he looks like he could end up being taller and longer than him.  A classic catch and shoot off guard with range that extends well beyond the arc, Tyler has the ability to rip the nets quickly and consistently when left open while also having solid instincts and feel on both ends of the court.  A sleeper in the truest sense of the work, Tyler Ellingson looks primed for a solid high school season and with the work he’s putting in along with his talent and potential, mid and high major programs should make sure to keep him on their radars because over the next 24-36 months he’s going to be a problem for opposing teams and a legitimate Division 1 shooting guard prospect to watch closely in the 2019 class.

All three play for the RAS Milwaukee program during the grassroots travel season.