2018 prospect Ahmad Muhammad  of the ET12 Buckeyes showed the ability to dominate the game with his scoring averaging 17 points a game during the 1st session of the GNBA. Muhammad is a prospect that everyone will want to get to know.

Muhammad helped lead his team to a 4-0 record over the weekend, which is the most important stat off all. The Buckeyes dominated the majority of their opponents with their closest contest their last game of the session in which they won by 2 points. Muhammad was brilliant in this contest scoring 17 points to lead his team to the “W”. 

With Muhammad’s  ballhandling skills and scoring prowess he is more than fit to play either guard position.  Muhammad excels in the open court in which he can use his quick 1st step to attack the basket and his vision to find open teammates cutting to the basket in  transition.  Muhammad  has natural defensive instincts using quick hands and anticipation to play the passing lanes very efficiently, he averaged almost 3 steals a game during the weekend. 

Another impressive aspect to Muhammad’s game was his ability to rebound the basketball from the guard spot, averaging 3 rebounds a game over the weekend.  Muhammad had a high of 5 rebounds in the weekend’s opening game.  Muhammad is very fundamentally sound using his body positioning to block out defenders to grab rebounds.

Something which is very important for any player but specifically a guard who has the ball in his hands often is free throw shooting and Muhammad demonstrated the ability to get to the line.  Muhammad game by game free throw shooting were the following: 4/6, 6/10, 6/8, 0/0  which was around 67% for the weekend. Any guard who shoots that many free throws would valuable to their team’s success.  Muhammad’s scoring numbers would improve with increased efficiency from the foul line and there will be no doubt that his team will be in close contest during the GNBA season in which his free throw shooting proficiency will be important. 

Muhammad’s best game of the weekend came on Saturday night in which Ahmad had 26 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assist, and 3 steals.  Muhammad was 6/10 from the line in the game getting to the basketball at will by getting his defenders off balance with nice change of pace dribble moves. 

After Muhammad’s successful opening session the microscope will have a focused lens on his performances throughout the GNBA season. He will most surely be a prospect in the 2018 class to watch grow and develop.

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